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Punishment through confiscation

...it’s also hard to imagine that the value of the asset didn’t play a role. After all, what Crown lawyer wouldn’t be tempted by the proposition of acquiring millions of dollars for the home team, without even having to go through the trouble of a prosecution?

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Ontario’s health ministry should leave the ‘entertainment’ ultrasound business alone

We need to start seriously thinking about the reflexive tendency to greet every problem with beefed-up licensing and regulation.

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The Comeau decision is a ‘big deal,’ as it could lead to free trade in all of Canada

“I find that section 121 of the Constitution Act, 1867 has not fallen into desuetude,” the court wrote. “Its disuse or neglect has arisen as a result of an unfounded judicial interpretation which effects have continued for nearly a century.” Those effects will continue no more.

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We won

A New Brunswick judge has ruled the province's restrictions on bringing alcohol across provincial borders violates the Constitution's free-trade provisions. 

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Let parents be parents

You can’t throw common sense out the window just because protecting children from abuse and neglect is a serious priority.

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Civil Forfeiture in Canada Report

Canada’s provincial civil forfeiture laws were originally intended to deter crime and compensate victims. In Canada today, civil forfeiture is not exclusively used to satisfy these objectives.

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