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The Upside of Judicial Activism

'Judicial activism' can promote freedom! If you need some examples of how judges can protect legitimate individual rights that politicians can't or won't look at what the CCF is doing.

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Man who fought the CRA and won needs your help

Irvin Leroux's life was left in shambles by the CRA. He sued them and won a victory for taxpayers but not himself. He needs your help to continue his case.

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Canada's Anti-Spam Law Punishes Charities

CASL, Canada's new anti-spam law, is meant to protect Canadians from nuisance emails. In reality, it may inadvertently harm Canada's charitable organizations.

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Fight youth unemployment by cutting red tape

Should we tax businesses more to create a "youth job guarantee" in order to fight youth unemployment? Or should the gov't get out of the way of job creation by cutting red tape?

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Want to put a snooping government back in its place?

The Supreme Court has helped Canadians significantly by clarifying that it’s generally an unlawful seizure for authorities to gather personal identifying information about an Internet user from an ISP without first seeking a warrant.

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The Canadian Constitution Foundation (CCF) is a registered charity, independent and non-partisan.  We defend the constitutional rights and freedoms of Canadians in the courts of law and public opinion. 

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