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The CCF's 2015 Law and Freedom Conference

Please join us for some lively debate and discussion about the most important issues in Canadian constitutional law today — and how they impact human freedom. Early-bird and student tickets are still available

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A truly consumer-friendly government would clean its own house before attacking U.S. companies

"The problem is that the most obvious government-imposed harms to consumers — which touch on important constitutional questions — are being ignored even as “protecting consumers” is being blared through megaphones."

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Silencing the sex workers

"...we already know where the Supreme Court stands on the “security of the person” issue. And it isn’t with the government."

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The high price of Canada’s anti-spam law

"That’s a sad statement: The idea that if a piece of legislation is populist enough, and challenging it poses enough obstacles, we’ll all just get used to it and go on about our business, even if it does violate our constitutional rights."

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Presumed innocent? That depends

The presumption of innocence is an absolutely fundamental procedural protection and a hallmark of Western law. It can not be overstated how important it is to protect this right. This is why the CCF is intervening in Guindon v. The Queen.

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Jail, fines, loss of livelihood over paperwork sins

"Who would ever imagine that failing to fill out some forms could result in a jail sentence of 18 months, an order preventing you from earning your living, and a fine of $116,000?"

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Canadian Supreme Court condones abuse of power

"The court has upheld the forfeiture of the Montagues’ property. Their life’s savings are gone. Apparently, there is no leniency for those engaged in peaceful acts of civil disobedience."

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