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The Supreme Court’s funny priorities

While the Supreme Court decides that 3-year mandatory sentences are cruel and unusual punishment, it is considered perfectly okay and constitutional to punish the exact same "licensing-type offence" by taking the life savings of Bruce Montague.

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Free speech, for postal workers and soloists

"...government judgment and rejection of expression is a different beast. It allows those in political power to stifle criticism of themselves and their policies, and it usually leaves the censored without alternative avenues for speaking their thoughts."

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Cops run amok

Is excessive force slowly becoming the new norm in law enforcement?

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A victory, of sorts, for religious freedom in Quebec

"Why should proponents of religious liberty, who have had much to worry about in Canada lately, not be breaking out the confetti at this bit of good news?"

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Legislators Shouldn't Decide What's Best for Children, Parents Should

"Wasn't the Charter adopted, in part, to prevent the majority hegemony from oppressing minority points of view through government power?"

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Breaking down the barriers to interprovincial alcohol shipping

"The prohibition-era thinking behind interprovincial alcohol shipping bans and restrictions is so antiquated as to be laughable."

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