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CCF's 2016 Law & Freedom Conference

Registration is now open for our 2016 Law & Freedom conference. Register before November 30 to get our Early-Bird price.

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Why Facebook shouldn’t crack down on ugly speech

Though Facebook has no obligation to allow complete free speech, its important role as a facilitator means the company should think carefully before giving into government pressure.

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The hypocrisy of Canada’s anti-blasphemy law

The CCF's Derek From thinks it would be best to repeal Section 196 rather than to assume it is dormant. Find out why.

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Let’s hope the Supreme Court rules in favour of disenfranchised expats

Voting in Canada is an explicit Charter right. We all have a good reason to keep an eye on this case.

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Key to Uber’s success lies in ensuring everyone understands the evils of regulation

Taxi drivers deserve economic liberty just as Uber drivers do.

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Keep the cops out of our mail!

Canadians' privacy in sending and receiving mail is an important part of our liberal society. It is not something we should be giving up to make policing "easier".

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